What is pressure treated wood?

Still Lumber 2017 0047Pressure treating wood (typically Southern Pine) involves infusing chemical preservatives (most commonly  Alkaline Copper Quaternary  Copper Azole, and Micronized Copper Quaternary) into the wood. The process forces a chemical preservative deep into the wood. The wood product is placed into a large cylinder holding tank, and the tank is depressurized. The tank is then filled with the preservative under high pressure, forcing it deeply into the wood. The wood is removed from the tank and prepared for shipment.  At Still Lumber we make sure you have the best quality and cut of pressure treated wood.

This process makes the wood unappetizing to termites and most other kinds of bugs and withstands decay better than normal wood. Wood for most outdoor projects should be pressure-treated to ensure longevity as it can last 20 years or more. Many use pressure treated wood for their decks, gazebos, boardwalks and other wooden outdoor structures.

The new treatments used on pressure treated wood are now safe to be used in gardens since the American Wood Preservers’ Association (AWPA) has modified its standards, based on public concern. Some may prefer the cedar wood for their gardens or outdoor projects as cedar lumber is naturally resistant to insects and wood decay.  At Still Lumber we carry both.

Call us at Still Lumber Company to order some quality pressure treated wood or cedar wood for your latest outdoor projects!