Tips on startng a raised garden box. Still Lumber, Metro Atlanta, Conyers, GA

garden2It is important to consider the area and the plants that you wish to have in your garden.  Raised garden boxes can be for flowers, herbs or vegetables.

Cedar wood is most popular as it is naturally water resistant and does not contain the chemicals used to preserve other types of wood. (Pressure treated wood is now made with more environmentally-safe materials now and can be used for your project as well.)  Here are a few tips to consider before starting:

  • Select the area carefully with lots of sun exposure
  • Make sure you have a water supply close by
  • The area should be level
  • If you plan more than one box, make sure you leave at least two feet between each box
  • Make sure the size of your box is such that you can access it without the need to get into the garden.
  • Use the proper fasteners and hardware for the lumber that you select