Still Lumber Co. Offers Standard and Custom High Quality Windows

Still Window 2Is it time to think about what kind of windows to place in your new home construction or addition? Have you noticed your windows feel drafty now that the temperatures are dropping or that they are looking broken or warped? Whether you need caulk to seal out that cold breeze you feel coming through your current windows, or you need new windows to install or replace existing ones, Still Lumber is here to assist. We proudly offer extensive selections of Lincoln and ViWinTech windows in standard, and custom sizes. Installing the right windows in your home and having them sealed properly can save you up to 25% in energy bill costs. They are a prominent feature of your home and the perfect windows, casing and trim can make your abode stand out beautifully from the outside in. Skip the inconvenience of large retailers and visit Still Lumber to get expert advice, personal service and delivery.