Roofing Materials at Still Lumber Co.


tamkoroofHave you noticed a new leak in your roof with all the rain we’ve had lately or have had a pesky one for a while every time it rains? Are your roof shingles looking their age and bringing your home’s curb appeal down? Or maybe it’s time to pick out your shingles on your new construction?
Most people think that the best time to replace roof shingles is in late Summer or Fall, but that may not be the case. There are many reasons to get them replaced in the offseason. During the busy roofing season you are less likely to be able to negotiate a lower price because the roofer will have no shortage of work. You may also have to wait a few weeks before they can fit you into their busy schedule. Also, they might be more likely to cut corners and work too quickly when they have to rush to the next job. Still Lumber Co. supplies metal roofing, laminated asphalt shingles and flashing in a wide variety of colors. Come in to see all your color and material options. Make your roof water tight and looking great in time for April showers and May flowers!