Lauan plywood at Still Lumber, Co.

Lauan plywood at Still Lumber Co.Lauan plywood is a tropical hardwood plywood panel, thin, very pliable hardwood from Lauan trees native to Southeast Asian countries.  Because of the thin nature of the wood, those working with it commonly support both surfaces of it while cutting it. Making small cuts into the lauan plywood can often result in unattractive splintering. This problem can be avoided by cutting through the top layer delicately with a utility knife first, then using your cutting blade along this same line.

Because lauan is so delicate and pliable, it is ideal for underlayment in flooring, lamination, paper overlay, furniture, and millwork applications, small craft projects, like little boats or dollhouses, that require thin wood panels. Still Lumber offers ¼’’ Lauan plywood in 4×10 sheets. Pick up Lauan plywood for your project from Still Lumber today!